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Water pump JCB 02/200850

141,39  Excl. VAT

Water pump JCB 02/200850 . 525-50; 530S; 537LE SWAY; 4CN444S PC; 4CN-2; 4CXSM444SUPER; 537SWAY; 540 530 SWAY; 532LE; 530 LE; 537; 525-50S; 532LESWAY; 532; 537LE; 532SWAY; 525 LE; 525-50 LE; 530; 530 LE SWAY; 540LE; 550; .525S; .532LE; 508C; 411BLE; 416B LE; 416B; TM270 LE; 214-2; 3CX (CM); 3CXSM-4T PC; 506C; .520; .530LE SWAY; .530SWAY; 506C-HL; .540 LE SWAY; .540 LE; .532 SWAY; 506C LE; .532LE SWAY; .532; .530LE; .530; 508CLE; 550LE; .520LE; 214Se; TM 270; 214S-SM; 540LE SWAY; JS130 AG. 3CX-4T PC; 3CX444 SUPER; 4CX444; 4CN-4; 4CN PC; 3CXSM444S PC; 3CX; 4C444; 4CX444 SUPER; 4CXSM444; 3CXE; 3CX (24 Volt); 3CX CONTRACTOR; 4CXSM444 SUPER; 4CS PC; 4CN-2; 4CN444; 3CXSM; 4CN444S PC; 4C PC; 4CX444 PC; TM270; 540LE; 530LE SWAY; 530 SWAY; 530; 525-50LE; 520-50; 540S; 530S; 537LE SWAY; 525-50; JS130; 520-50 LE; 540; 537SWAY; 411B; 530 LE; 532LE; 525-50S; 537; 532; 532LE SWAY; 525 LE; 532 SWAY; 537LE; 3CXSM-4T PC; 3CX (CM); 411BLE; 416B LE; TM270LE; 416B; 540LE SWAY; JCB 540; 530 SWAY; JS130; 530

Sort waterpump gear
Total height H1 (mm) 120
Maximum length L1 (mm) 275
Flange/gear or pully diameter D3 (mm) 60
Total number of mounting holes for v-pulley (holes + thread) 8
Number of holes 2
Diameter biggest mounting hole D4 (mm) 9
Number of threads 6
Biggest thread TA1 M8
Metric pitch Pm1 (mm) 1.25
Smallest centre distance of nearest mounting holes C1 (mm) 28
Biggest centre distance of nearest mounting holes C2 (mm) 85
Outer diameter gear, type C and D D7 (mm) 54.9
Number of teeth on gear, type C and D 18
Thread of mounting cooling fan present NO
Gasket included NO

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